Free Standing Patios

Free Standing Patios are defined as “any patio that is not connected to an existing structure, for eg – A house”.

By selecting to build a Free Standing Patio you will generally have more flexibility with the design and location of the Patio, as you are not dictated by having to fix it to an existing structure.

As a beautiful outdoor stand-alone alfresco area away from the house, a Free Standing Patio will provide you with greater living space which can be used for family gatherings, outdoor dining and entertaining.

It can be a quiet, secluded, cosy area set amongst the garden where you can get away from everyone and recharge your batteries. Alternatively, it can be a beautiful outdoor area where you can wine and dine your family and friends.

Depending on your requirements, a Free Standing Patio may be completely open or partially enclosed using timber privacy screens, aluminium slats or patio blinds. A variety of timber posts, beams and rafter options are available to ensure your Free Standing Patio is customised to your requirements. A warm timber patio is far more aesthetically appealing than a cold stark metal structure and requires very little maintenance.

Deck & Erect design and construct custom Free Standing Patios using a variety of timbers and materials. Here are some of our recent projects –

Free Standing Patios

Freestanding Patios

Need More Information on Free Standing Patios?

Luke Austin of Deck and Erect is a fully qualified carpenter with more than ten years experience in innovative timber patio design and construction. Luke’s quality workmanship will guarantee your timber patio is constructed to the highest standard. He also has an environmental management degree which will ensure the natural elements such as light, direction of sun, wind and rain are considered when designing your functional patio.

Luke will personally work with you to create a customised Free Standing Patio that will extend seamlessly from your existing home. He will be involved at all stages of the development to ensure that your expectations are met.

Contact Luke today to find out more.