Patio Council Approval

If you are contemplating either building your own patio or engaging a patio builder, it is imperative that you check patio council approval regulations within your local council before proceeding.

Firstly, each council within Western Australia has a marginally different view on the definition of a patio. For instance, the City of Joondalup define a patio as “an unenclosed structure covered in a water impermeable material which may or may not be attached to a dwelling”. Whereas, the City of Wanneroo’s definition is “an open sided structure enclosed on no more than half of its perimeter with a roof cover that is impervious to water and used for outdoor entertainment”.

Do I Need a Building Permit?

Building Regulations 2012 states that a building permit is required when constructing a patio unless your design meets each of the following criteria:

1) The floor area is no greater than 10 metres²
2) The height is no greater than 2.4 metres

There is generally a third criteria however this does vary somewhat depending on your council, for example –

– City of Stirling: The structure is freestanding
– City of Joondalup: Is not located in wind region C or D as defined in AS 1170.2.
– City of Wanneroo: There is not already a patio situated on the property and/or the patio is going not going to be attached to an existing building.

Patio Council Approval

Need More Information on Patio Council Approval?

Understanding the regulations within your council can sometimes be a confusing process so we suggest that you engage an experienced and fully qualified patio builder for expert advice if you have any queries.

You can also find further information about the regulations within each local council by reading the following resources:

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