Bali Huts – FAQs

Bali Huts

Benefits of Balinese alang-alang thatch?

Balinese Alang Alang Thatch is made from and is the most natural type of roof covering. Balinese Alang Alang Thatch is a natural insulator thats is completely waterproof, environmentally friendly and it will also add huge landscaping aspects to your outdoor space.

Are your bali thatch huts and african thatch huts waterproof?

Yes, Deck and Erect’s Bali and African Thatch Huts are completely waterproof.

Do your bali huts come with nets?

Yes, all Deck and Erect Bali Thatch Huts come with with a net fixed over the thatch to prevent movement during high wind periods. Please note that many DIY Bali Hut Kits do not offer this.