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Pool Gazebos WA
Pool gazebos are highly popular within WA because of their aesthetic appeal and ability to provide much needed protection from the harsh sun and wind. In particular, they are favoured by families with young children as they provide a secluded area for parents to relax while they watch their children.

Pool gazebos are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and costs. The style of roof that you select for your pool gazebo will considerably dictate how it looks and functions, therefore we would like to elaborate on some of your different roof options –

Roof Options

When selecting a roof style, you should consider the direction of sunlight and wind, along with the climate including moisture levels. Here are some of the best options for roofing on pool gazebos in WA:


This is a popular option because it is affordable yet durable enough to withstand the harsh WA climate. Furthermore, Colorbond is available in a huge variety of colours and can be very attractive when matched to surrounding fencing.

Alang Alang Thatch

Are you looking for a tropical style pool gazebo? There is no need to travel all the way to Bali. By adding Alang Alang Thatch you can create a tropical oasis of relaxation next to your pool.

Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting

This option allows you to select from the variety of different colours. Furthermore, you can also select a style that has the correct mix of light and heat transmissions to suit your requirements.

Bondor Insulated Roof Panels

Bondor manufacture an ingenious range of insulated roof panels that include the roof, ceiling, insulation and are pre-finished with Colorbond steel. This option is durable and high in thermal efficiency.

Want more advice on pool gazebos?

Are you contemplating adding a pool gazebo to your home or just have some basic questions? Contact the team at Deck and Erect. Our pool gazebos are designed and created by Luke Austin. Luke is a qualified carpenter with over a decade of experience in innovative timber design and construction. Furthermore, Luke will personally work with you to come up with a gazebo design that flows seamlessly with your existing home and will be involved with all stages of development. Contact Luke today on 0405 432 873 to find out more.

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