Wooden Pergolas

Wooden Pergolas
Wooden Pergolas are extremely popular within Western Australia. These fabulous structures can transform your backyard into a stylish area while creating a place to entertain friends and family. Pergolas gives a sense of style, texture, and visual weight to a space, providing intimacy and shade to a location.



The Best Timbers for Wooden Pergolas

Before building a wooden pergola, homeowners need to consider what the most suitable timber for the task ahead will be. After all, the resilience and strength of the chosen timber will have an impact on the capability of the pergola, as well as exposure to the sun and rain. Ideally, to ensure the longevity of your wooden pergola the timber used has to be suited to your environment and climate. Outlined below are some of the timbers options you have when constructing a pergola.


Jarrah is ideal for hot and harsh climate within Western Australia. It is generally more costly than other timbers although it’s quite popular because of its appearance and high durability rating. Jarrah will perform best in areas with cover from the rain.


Merbau timber is resistant to rot and termites, and whether sealed or not it thrives in just about any climate. It is very popular in WA and generally more expensive than most timbers.

Treated Pine

Treated Pine is a highly affordable timber that has been treated with a chemical combination that provides resistance to pests and decay. Typically the material is either stained or painted to give an aesthetically pleasing finish. It is available in a variety of durability ratings so ensure you check with the builder before making a selection.

In summary, homeowners need to look at the hardness factor, shrinking factor and the resistance to moisture, decay and pests when selecting a timber. The price of the timber should be a secondary consideration after the factors above have been determined.

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