Wood Gazebos

Wood Gazebos
Wood gazebos are the perfect structure to complement your outdoor pool or alfresco area. They can shelter you from the elements while providing an architecturally stylish look. Here are some important tips and items to consider if you are contemplating a new wood gazebo for your backyard.


People elect to build a wood gazebo for a variety of reasons. For example, many homeowners in Perth build a gazebo near their backyard swimming pool as it can be an ideal place to stay cool while keeping an eye on your children in the pool. Others may build a gazebo as an outdoor dining area to entertain friends/ Therefore it may help to have it in close proximity to the kitchen. The desired function of your gazebo should be the starting point when selecting the best design and position of your new structure.

Sunlight & Air Flow

Deck & Erect Outdoors construct all wood gazebos in Perth using an open sided design. This design is ideal for the hot WA climate. If the patio is constructed correctly, it will not only protect you from the sun but also allow air to freely flow through the structure. Your gazebo builder should recommend the ideal gazebo design and positioning for your particular backyard during the quoting phase.


Several factors should be considered when selecting the best timber to build your gazebo with, including –

– Is the timber resistant to termites and decay?
– How often will the timber have to be maintained?
– Is the timber going to strong and durable enough for my requirements?
– If the gazebo is situated close to a swimming pool, will it withstand high levels of moisture?

Deck & Erect Outdoors will generally suggest that you build a gazebo with Treated Pine, Merbau or Jarrah which are all well suited to the harsh WA climate.

Building Permits

Depending on the size and type of wood gazebo you plan to build, you may require a council building permit. A reputable and experienced gazebo builder will notify you if you require a permit, along with the necessary costs. They should also manage the approval process for you from start to finish.

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