General Timber FAQs

General Timber

Where does Merbau Timber come from?

Merbau is a tropical hardwood tree that yields excellent timber and comes from Northern Queensland, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands and South East Asia.

Difference between Kapur and Merbau?

Kapur is a tropical tree that yields light brown timber. It is well known for its durability and is often used for posts, beams and rafters in timber construction. Merbau is a popular hardwood that is orange-brown when cut and ages to darker reddish-brown. Merbau has excellent strength and stability characteristics and is often used in decking.

What are glulam posts and beams?

Glulam is short for glued laminated timber and is a type of structural engineered wood product. Glulam is made up of wood laminations that are glued together and can be manufactured curved or straight. Some of the benefits of Glulam posts and beams include; increased strength, less prone to moving and chemical resistance to corrosive substances.

Do you service all of Perth?

Yes, Deck and Erect service all of Perth and surrounding areas.

Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, at Deck and Erect all quotations are free of charge.

What type of poolside shelters are there?

Deck and Erect offer a large Bali Thatch Huts, African Thatch Huts, Colorbond Gazebos (sometimes referred to as Cabanas) and Skillion Patio/Flat Patio (Modern single pitch structure).

Why choose timber over steel?

Timber is structurally strong and durable as well as being a natural insulator. Using timber is not only more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing than steel, its is cheaper too.