Patios – FAQs


What is the difference between a Pergola and a Patio?

A pergola is a timber framed structure that has either no roof covering or uses a permeable material such as shade cloth. Whereas, a patio has a closed roof covering typically made from Colourbond, tiles, shingles or grass thatch.

What is a skillion patio?

Skillion refers to the type of roof on a patio that is distinguishable by a flat roof with a noticeable pitch/slant. Skillion patios are a modern and elegant style of patio that can be freestanding or attached to the existing house.

Learn more about Skillion Patios.

What is a patio?

Across Europe a patio is generally known as a paved outdoor area in Perth however a patio is a covered outdoor structure that adjoins the house. A patio is also often referred to as an alfresco area.

Do you do steel patios?

Deck and Erect use Colorbond roof sheeting and can incorporate steel into a structure however we predominantly work and specialise in timber construction.

Do gutters and downpipes come included in your quotation for patios?

Yes, at Deck and Erect gutters and downpipes come included in the quotation for Patios.

What is the difference between a gable end patio and a hip end patio?

A Gable End Patio has two sloping sides to the A-frame roof leaving a triangular section at each end of the structure that can be left open or closed and either end of the structure. A Hip End Patio has 4 sides to the roof which forms a pyramid shape.

What are the different types of patios?

There are many different types of patios to suit your needs and depending on your outdoor space you may choose Pyramid (Hip Roof), Flat Roof, Gable End, Skillion. Additionally there are finishing options for your patio which include lining, post styles and dimensions, an array of beautiful timber choices. Deck and Erect can cater to all budgets.

Which style of patio should I select?

The style of the patio you choose will depend on  many different aspects of your outdoor area such as lighting and positioning and also what is aesthetically pleasing to your eye. The different types of patios Deck and Erect offer are Skillion, Flat Roof, Pyramid (Hip Roof) and Gable End and to complement your choice of patio Deck and Erect offer cedar lining, bamboo lining, exposed Colorbond and plywood lining.

Our last patio by another company leaked along the eaves do you install box gutters to prevent this?

Yes, Deck and Erect install box gutters to all patios we construct to ensure there is no leaking.

Why should I go for a timber patio instead of a metal patio?

A timber patio is much more aesthetically pleasing than a metal patio and adds warmth and character to an outdoor space.