Gable Patios

Gable Patios
Gable patios are hugely popular in Western Australia. They’re often favoured by home owners who are looking for a valuable and beneficial way to add space or shade to a house or outdoor entertaining area. Arguably the most common type of patio found across Perth, we explain what makes the gable style patio so special.

What is a gable patio?

The defining feature of a gable patio is its peaked roof, which goes up in an ‘A’ shape. Gable patios can be attached to an existing home or built as a standalone unit. They can be custom designed to suit any particular style. The most popular option is to attach a gable patio to the back of an existing home. This helps protect the rear of the property, while acting as an extension and creating a greater sense of space.

Gable patios can be built using a range of roof cladding materials and can include translucent cladding if you want to allow more natural light to filter through.

Benefits of a gable patio

Gable patios offer many benefits, which is what makes them so popular. They increase ventilation and enable better airflow and temperate control within the structure – ideal during those hot summer months. The clever pitched roof design also creates more lighting and a more spacious feel than traditional flat-roofed patios, while also dispensing rainwater more efficiently.

This type of patio looks fantastic and can add great aesthetic value to a home. Combine a gable patio with timber decking or paving, add some clever outdoor plants or garden beds. Soon you’ll have an incredible looking space you can’t wait to share with friends and family.

Want more advice about gable patios?

If you’re thinking about adding a gable patio to your home or have any questions, contact the friendly team at Deck and Erect. Our gable patios are designed and created by Luke Austin, a qualified carpenter with over a decade of experience in innovative timber design and construction. Luke will personally work with you to come up with the best design to suit your individual needs. Furthermore, he is involved with all stages of development. Contact Luke today on 0405 432 873.

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