Outdoor Patios

Outdoor Patios
Outdoor patios come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right outdoor patio for your backyard depends on the dimensions of your yard, the intended use, the climate, and your budget.

Here is a breakdown of some of the different types of outdoor patios available in Perth and Western Australia –

Free Standing Patios

A Free Standing Patio or Detached Patio, refers to any patio that does not have a physical attachment to an existing structure, such as a house or garage. By selecting a stand-alone patio, it accords you greater flexibility in regards to the design and positioning. Also, you can choose from either a fully-open or partially closed structure, depending on your individual requirements. Learn more about Free Standing Patios.

Skillion Patios

‘Skillion’ actually refers to the type of roof used on the patio, which as a rule, features an angled design. It gets angled at 2° and 10° from the back of the patio rising upward. To begin with, the angled design allows more sunlight to feed into the structure when compared to a flat-roofed patio. Secondly, homeowners often choose to build Skillion Patios to highlight their ceilings.  The ceiling comes in an assortment of linings including Cedar, Glosswood, Woven Bamboo and more. Learn more about Skillion Patios.

Gable Patios

Gable patios refer to patios with a peaked roof in a ‘V’ shape. One of the many benefits of a Gable roof is that it disperses rainwater more efficiently than a traditional flat roof. Additionally, it enables better airflow and temperature control within the structure. Although Gable patios can be both freestanding or attached, many homeowners choose the attached design for their backyard. The main reason is that it protects the area directly outside the back door and acts as an extension of the home.

Dome Patios

Dome Patios are very similar to Gable Patios. However, they have a curved roof rather than a ‘V’ shape. Due to their curved formation, the steel frame of the structure needs to be prefabricated. Dome Patios often get built over walkways and paths leading into homes. It creates an inviting and sheltered structure leading to the entrance of the house.

Pyramid Patios

A Pyramid patio is an outdoor patio that has all sides of the roof convening at one point. They come in free-standing or attached designs and often placed near protected areas such as swimming pools.

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