Patio Builders

Patio Builders
Deciding to build a patio in your backyard is a big step and choosing the correct patio builder is essential to ensure that not only you receive the best value for money, but that the result is a perfect fit for your backyard and requirements.

How to Select the Correct Patio Builder

As with any significant decision, it helps to start with a comprehensive research when looking for the right patio builder.

Before contacting any builders, have a look at their online reputation, which you can access through Reviews. Keep in mind that a lot of businesses pay to have positive reviews about them online, and you should therefore only use independent review sites.

The reviews can give you a better impression about the company, their services, and previous clients experience working with them. Make sure that they do not have too many negative reviews, which should act as a red flag to avoid a particular contractor.

We strongly suggest that you speak with several builders to assess the complexity of your particular project, before asking for a quote.

Questions to Ask Potential Patio Builders

Here are some of the preliminary questions that you can ask the builders you contact:

Q: What are your qualifications?
A: You need a builder who is a fully qualified carpenter.

Q: How long has your business been running for?
A: Experience is vital, although, keep in mind that some businesses that have been running for a very long period may have lost the passion for the work. Also, some may not have kept up with modern changes in materials and workmanship, so don’t assume that someone with extensive experience is always going to produce the best results.

Q: What is your experience building patios?
A: They should have worked on several patio projects within your town or city. Also, they should be able to provide photo samples and testimonials.

Q: What timber, steel and materials will you use to build my patio?
A: Most builders use different materials, and you want a builder who will only use the best quality products. With a little online research, you should figure out which materials will serve your structure best. Also, make sure that the builder has materials that factor environmental conditions and degradation. It guarantees that you will have a durable construction.

Q: Do you offer a warranty on materials and workmanship?
A: The warranty on materials comes from the manufacturer, although, you want the builder to offer an appropriate answer to this question. Get a contractor offering at least a 5-year structural warranty.

Q: Are you insured?
A: The builder should have all the necessary insurance covers needed to work on construction projects.

Other Important Considerations When Hiring Patio Builder

Also, ask if the builder can make an initial site assessment and give you accurate quotes at no additional cost. You need a builder with the knowledge required to work on your structure and with excellent communication skills.  You can assess their communication skills by their prompt response to your inquiries during initial communication.

Lastly, ask the builder if they can provide a written document answering your questions. It helps you with fact-checking and to compare a particular builder with others.

Once you have selected a few potential builders, you can request them to provide on-site quotations. Make sure that each quote is comparable – don’t focus solely on the price.

We also suggest that you ask the following questions in order to gain a good understanding of how the project will be completed –

– When can you start and finish the project?
– Will you work everyday on the project and what time will you start and finish each day?
– Who will be building the patio? Will you be on-site as a builder or supervisor?
– May I have a list of references for similar projects you have completed?
– Are you a member of the Master Builders Association or another reputable association?
– Have you considered the direction of sunlight in our backyard and how will this affect our structure?
– Have you factored the ease of airflow in and around the patio?
– What is required to maintain my patio once it has been built?

We hope these tips allow you to select the perfect patio builder who can produce an amazing structure that is ideal for your backyard, to provide you with many years of relaxation and entertainment with your family and friends.

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