Patio Designs

Patio Designs
If you are considering adding a patio to your backyard, there are an abundance of patio designs available to choose from. When selecting a design it is important that you consider the following –

– Will I require a building permit?
– Is the patio practical for my requirements?
– Is the patio appropriate for my backyard? Will it fit within the designated area?
– Will the patio provide shade from the sun in the warm summer months?
– Is there going to be sufficient airflow in and around the patio?
– What will be the most effective type of roofing for the patio? eg – Colorbond, timber shingles, alang alang thatch etc.

Custom Designed Patios

Most reputable patio builders will not use an ‘off the shelf’ design, as every backyard is somewhat different. Consequently, during the design phase your patio builder should consider the size of the yard, soil type, direction of sunlight and airflow. Furthermore, by incorporating these factors you should receive a custom design that is perfect for your particular backyard.

Patio Builders / Installers

Selecting the most appropriate builder for your new patio is very important, so do not rush this decision. A knowledgeable and experienced patio builder will ensure that all factors are taken into consideration and the end product is strong, durable and ideal for your requirements. Find out more about how to select the correct patio builder.

Types of Patios

Furthermore, there are numerous types of patios to select from including: freestanding patios, skillion patios, gable patios, pyramid patios, hip end patios, dome patios and more. Find out more about some of the different patio designs available in Perth from Deck & Erect Outdoors.

Need More Info on Patio Designs?

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