Patio Ideas

Patio Ideas
Are you looking for patio ideas? If you are considering adding a patio structure to your backyard you will initially be looking for ideas or other designs that match your requirements.

What to consider?

Firstly, before you look at other patio ideas or designs you should consider the following –

– What functions will the patio be used for? For example, you may be looking to create a shaded area where you can entertain friends and family. Alternatively, you may be looking for a shaded poolside area where you can watch your children while they play in the pool.
– What is the typical direction of sunlight and wind within your backyard? These factors will dictate the size, shape and position of the structure.
– What type of timber will the frame be constructed from? There are many Australian and imported timbers available within WA. When selecting a timber you should consider the soil type, climate, moisture levels and desired function of the structure.
– What style of roof will be attached to the patio? There are several types of roofs available to choose from and the above factors should be considered when selecting the best style of roof for your new structure.

The style of a particular patio is typically dictated by the type of roof that is attached to it. Some popular styles within Western Australia include:

Free Standing Patios
Gable Patios
Skillion Patios
– Hip End Patios

Speak with a Professional Patio Builder

Once you have identified the desired function and considered the other factors above, we suggest that you engage several patio builders for expert advice. There are thousands of tips and ideas that you can find online, although you will always benefit from speaking with several trusted local builders.

After speaking with several local patio builders, you should have a better idea of the most suitable style, position, size and timbers for your particular backyard. At this stage, you can start to look online for appropriate patio ideas or designs that are suitable. We suggest that you do this before asking for quotes, so you can provide your patio builder with examples of patio ideas that you like.

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Looking for more Patio Ideas?

Contact Luke from Deck & Erect Outdoors today for free expert advice on patio ideas. Luke is a fully qualified carpenter with extensive experience who has built several stunning timber patios in Perth.

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