Patio Prices

Patio Prices
The price of a timber patio is dictated by a variety of different factors that must all be considered when you are comparing quotes from different patio builders. Some of these factors include:

Type of Timber

The type of timber that you select to build with can considerably change the overall price of your new patio. Particularly, if you are building a large structure. Timbers vary in regards to strength, durability and appearance. So, these factors should be strongly considered in addition to the price when selecting an appropriate timber for your patio.

Deck & Erect Outdoors will typically recommend that you build with Treated Pine, Merbau or Jarrah, which are all strong and durable enough to withstand the hot WA climate.

Patio Design

The type of patio that you elect to build will also considerably affect the overall patio price. There are a number of patio designs that you can select from including freestanding patios, skillion patios, gable patios, dome patios, pyramid patios and more. Again, several factors should dictate your price including yard size, patio size, materials, the function, direction of sunlight & air flow.


It is important to consider whether you will also require timber decking to complement your new patio, as this can increase the overall cost. A well built deck can transform your patio into a stunning entertaining area and increase the overall value of your home. A timber deck will typically not be necessary if you have existing paving, liquid limestone or concrete in your backyard.

Ceiling Lining

Most reputable patio builders will offer a variety of ceiling linings to complement your new patio. The type of lining you select can somewhat dictate the overall price. Therefore, you should consider the function and aesthetics along with the price when making a decision.

Deck & Erect Outdoors build patios with Cedar, Glosswood, Pine, Composite Lining Boards, High-Grade Ply, Gyprock & PVC ceiling linings.

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