Skillion Patios

Skillion Patios
Skillion Patios present a perfect way to transform your dull backyard into an elegant and practical entertaining area for family and friends.

The term Skillion refers to the type of roof used on the patio. Skillion roofs are typically between 2 and 10 degrees in roof pitch, depending on the functionality and desired appearance.

In many cases, Skillion Patios are attached to the eave of your home. However, they are also a great modern alternative to a Free Standing Patio, whether as a poolside shelter or as a detached backyard entertaining area.

The selection of a Skillion Patio aims at showcasing the ceiling lining, usually Cedar. It creates a stunning impression, particularly at night, when accompanied with modern lighting.

We offer several patio lining options that work perfectly with our Skillion Patios:

– Cedar
– Glosswood (comes in a range of colours)
– Exterior Design Ply
– Woven Bamboo
– Gyprock / Plasterboard

One of the key benefits of the modern Skillion Patio design is their open model compared to traditionally pitched patios. As a result, they allow you to enjoy the outdoors through most of the year. In winter, the openness allows more of the winter sun into the area.

Deck & Erect design and construct custom Skillion Patios using a variety of timbers and materials. Here are some of our recent projects –

Skillion Patios

Skillion Patio

Need More Information on Skillion Patios?

Luke Austin, of Deck and Erect, is a fully qualified carpenter. Notably, he brings on board more than ten years of experience in innovative Skillion patios design and construction. Owing to Luke’s attention to detail and unmatched workmanship, you get a high standard of quality in Skillion patio construction. He also has an environmental management degree, which he uniquely ropes into every project. When working on your Skillion patio design, Luke considers elements such as light, the direction of sun, wind, and rain.

To create a patio that seamlessly extends from your existing home, Luke personally works with you to come up with the best design. Also, to meet, and possibly exceed your expectations, he stays involved at all stages of the development.

Contact Luke today to find out more.

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