Pergola Designs

Pergola Designs
So you are considering a pergola in your backyard? Selecting the correct pergola design is essential in order to ensure that the structure is practical and comfortable.

Attached or Detached Pergola Designs?

A pergola can be built so it is attached to an existing structure, such as a home, or as a stand-alone feature within your backyard.

Attached pergolas provide a seamless entrance from your home into your backyard and can create a very functional area to work, relax or entertain outside of your home.

Detached pergolas are typically built next to backyard swimming pools, creating a functional area to watch your children and relax near the pool.


A pergola will typically include an open-top timber roof with timber members placed periodically apart in order to let in sunlight. If additional protection is required from the sun, incorporating shade cloth into the design can provide shade.

A well designed pergola roof will also allows sufficient airflow. This will take advantage of Perth’s afternoon sea breeze in the hot summer months, creating a cool and comfortable space for your friends and family.

Pergola Builders

We suggest that you speak with several pergola builders before you make a decision on the best structure for your specific backyard. An experienced and reputable builder will consider the following when suggesting a style and position for your pergola.

– The sunlight and airflow in and around the structure
– What timbers will be best suited to your particular backyard, climate, soil type etc.
– Your exact requirements – Relaxation, entertainment, dining, swimming pool etc.

You should also confirm with the builder.

– Are they insured?
– Will I require a building permit?
– Does the work come with a warranty?
– Can they provide examples of similar projects they have completed?

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