Pergola Ideas

Pergola ideas
If you are looking for pergola ideas you will find a range of designs that are suited to all tastes, budgets and landscapes.

Functional pergola ideas

A thoughtfully designed pergola will add character to your outdoor space and create an extension of your home. Pergolas incorporate beauty and function to your front or backyard as they provide seating, shade and comfort outside your home. A pergola can be a relaxing corner for tired gardeners, a cozy garden nook for readers, an outdoor dining area, or an installation to maximise your frontage appeal. There are several things to consider, in order to make the correct decision. These are –

– Type
– Style
– Placement


These are important factors in making your pergola sit comfortably in the overall design. An inappropriate type, style or position can jar the eye, upsetting the general feel of the garden design. Having said that, there may be more than one reason for building a pergola. Take a look at the six main purposes and see if your pergola ideas fit within any of the following –

Creating a journey through the garden

It is important to create an element of surprise in a garden. A pergola is excellent at dividing a garden into sections and can be used with trellising to a great effect. This type of pergola is often called a walkway because we walk under it rather than sitting under it.

Adding height and interest

A flat garden is restricted in the interest it gives, although height can be achieved through careful placement of trees and plants. A pergola however, gives a permanent solid anchor to base other design features around it. The use of climbing plants can be desirable, adding both beauty and fragrance.

Providing a shady or sunny spot

Often pergolas are used as a shady retreat, especially for alfresco dining. Think about whether you require sun or shade. The position of the sun would need to be considered carefully to make sure the pergola let the suns rays through at an ideal time of the day.


Pergolas are great for socialising as you can add dining furniture and barbecues to complement the structure. For a more informal feel, use comfortable garden furniture and soft furnishings. The pergola is usually positioned near to the house but it could just as easily be in a corner at the end of the garden. Think cozy and welcoming.


A walkway pergola or a swinging arbor with plenty of fragrant and beautiful plants can give your garden a wonderful romantic feel.

As an extension to the house

This is what is known as a lean-to pergola, and can be in the form of a porch, carport, log store, patio pergola or any sort of walkway found next to a building or wall. These pergola ideas are related to the type and position of your pergola. For the style aspect, this is really down to personal preference. Styles might include cottage garden, modern and sleek, rustic or oriental.

Then of course, there are the different timbers and finishes to consider – pine, merbau, jarrah, stained, oiled, or painted. Whichever pergola ideas you choose, make sure it fits in with the look and feel of your overall design. Have fun creating a truly wonderful, relaxing and inviting space.

Want more advice on pergola ideas?

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