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Bali Huts in PerthIf you are looking for an expert to manage the planning, design, and construction of your new Bali Hut, look no further than Deck and Erect.

Home is where you feel most comfortable, and it should be the most beautiful space you know. Add a touch of serenity and comfort to your home, and the perfect spot to unwind right outside your home. A traditional Bali Hut strikes the ideal combination of practicality and beauty.

First of all, it adds glamour to all your garden spaces. Erect it next to your pool-side area, spa, bar, or barbecue area.  Additionally, a Bali Hut gives your garden a much-deserved soothing tropical makeover.

Furthermore, it allows you to enjoy Perth’s comfortable climate in outdoor living spaces. As a result, you get an inviting outdoor area that sets the mood to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Deck and Erect use premium grade, aesthetic Alang Alang grass thatching on our beautiful Bali Huts. Alang Alang grass thatching is eco-friendly, and it provides full protection from the weather. In addition to offering your covered space 100% waterproof resistance, the premium grass covers all roof sizes. Alang Alang grass thatching also has excellent insulation properties, and it keeps you cool as well as protects you from the sun.

Noteworthy, Alang Alang grass comes with 100% UV protection and temperature mediating properties. As a result, your Bali Hut maintains a cool temperature all day. Therefore, the weather can no longer limit your entertainment.

Why Choose Deck & Erect for Bali Huts?

-Deck and Erect outdoor shelters will compliment your alfresco area or poolside retreat. Also, our Bali Huts feature a construction that is well suited to the Perth climate.
– Deck and Erect use a wide range of sustainable posts for our outdoor shelters. We make use of the finest quality CCA Pine, Kapur, Merbau, and Coconut posts. We aim to deliver the most beautiful Bali Huts, and we strive to help you transform your outdoor space into a beautiful space. Our shelters feature strength and durability, and your ultimate comfort in mind.
– Our Bali Huts have a traditional steep pitch, which allows a better drain-off during heavy rains. Also, the steep pitch protects the structure of your Bali Hut.
– Deck and Erect’s Bali Huts feature waterproof resistance. With durability in mind, we use materials that are impervious to rots, termites, and decay.

Bali Hut Materials

Deck and Erect Outdoors can construct Bali Huts using a variety of materials including:

Frame: Treated Pine, Merbau & Jarrah
Posts: Treated Pine, Coconut Poles, Merbau & Jarrah
Roofing: Alang Alang Thatch

Contact us for free expert advice on what materials will be the best fit for your backyard.

Bali Huts Perth

Luke Austin – Owner of Deck & Erect

Meet Your Bali Hut Builder

Luke Austin, of Deck and Erect, is a fully qualified carpenter. He has more than ten years experience in innovative Bali Hut design and construction. Luke’s quality workmanship guarantees a high standard construction of your Bali Hut.  He also has an environmental management degree, which he uniquely ropes into every project. When designing your functional Bali Hut, Luke considers elements such as light, the direction of sun, wind, and rain.

Luke will personally work with you to create a customised Bali Hut that extends seamlessly from your existing home. Also, to meet, and possibly exceed your expectations, he stays involved at all stages of the development.


“We recommend Deck & Erect to anyone in Perth looking for a stylish Bali Hut. Luke’s service was exceptional, and we had no concerns during the process. Luke kept us informed throughout,  and he never failed to deliver on any promises. Contact Luke if you want a professional and hassle-free service.”

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